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EnviroEquine & PET – The best of Science & Nature

At EnviroEquine & Pet, nothing is more important than the health and well being of your animal. No matter the discipline or breed, he deserves the best all-natural care.

We hand pack each product on a daily basis for guaranteed freshness and traceability. And we wouldn’t think of giving our own anything else.

EnviroEquine & Pet has blended the best of nature and science to give your family’s best friend what he needs to be healthy – everyday.


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Enviro Equine & PET products are made from “science and nature’s best” to create better health and well-being for your horse, with all natural, organically sourced ingredients, oils, and minerals.

Enviro Equine & PET offers you the best all natural care and grooming products for your horse. Chemical free, cruelty free, enriched with essential oils and nourishing ingredients.

The Hansbo Sport ICM series combines innovative ceramic and magnetic healing technology for performance horses during and after hard work. Regular use of HANSBO SPORT ICM enables a faster recovery period after exercise.

iFEED mimics your horse’s natural grazing behavior by automatically delivering feed in many small portions. It significantly reduces the risk of colic, and can help eradicate cribbing, weaving, and other negative behaviors.




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Meet EnviroEquine & Pet Ambassador Jessica Tate.



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