Equine OmegaBalance

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Provide your horse the best that nature offers.

Today’s performance horses are faced with situations that lead to inflammation. Inflammation has a detrimental effect on your horse’s health and performance. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help support a healthy inflammatory response, OmegaBalance is pressed to safeguard a full range of beneficial ingredients. These ingredients include a rich source of naturally occurring mixed tocopherols, a family of vitamin E compounds. Not only may the broad spectrum of vitamin E compounds help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, they also give Camelina oil an unusually long shelf life. In addition to supporting your horse through the rigors incurred with exercise and training, OmegaBalance also promotes excellent skin health and coat quality so your horse can look his best while working hard! A must for all show and sales horses!

EnviroEquine is proud to offer OmegaBalance with or without pumpkin seed oil. For those horses with gastrointestinal discomfort, pumpkin seed oil may provide additional support.

OmegaBalance, with or without pumpkin seed oil, is an excellent addition to your daily feeding program. Maximize the nutritional benefits of OmegaBalance by pairing it up with any one of our mineral supplements. Save when buying together with EnviroEquine Combo Packs.


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