It’s scientifically proven that multiple small meals, fed in regular intervals is a healthier way to feed and more closely mimics the horse’s natural grazing behavior.

Introducing iFEED Equine Slow Feeders

How It Works

Feed the Way Nature Intended

iFEED mimics your horse’s natural grazing behavior by automatically delivering feed in many small portions over the course of each day and night.

Small portions frequently – it is a simple concept, universally accepted by leading veterinarians and equine nutritionists as the correct way to feed horses.

In a perfect world, you could deliver individual handfuls of feed to your horse throughout the day and night. With iFEED, you can do just that for your horse. Deliver dozens, or even hundreds of small portions to your horse each day on a schedule you set.

iFEED One (1) Stall Starter Pack


iFEED Outside Stall Installation

Starts at $455.00

The Science Behind Smaller Portions

Horses have a small stomach, and produce acid constantly. Saliva helps to neutralize the acid, and buffers the sensitive lining of the stomach against the acid. But horses only produce saliva when they chew. Feeding large grain meals followed by hours of fasting overloads their sensitive digestive system, and will sooner or later cause digestive problems with your horse.

By delivering frequent small portions to your horse, you will virtually eliminate gastric ulcers, significantly reduce the risk of colic, and decrease stress in your horse. Reduced stress leads to calm feeding times and can help eradicate cribbing, weaving, stall walking and pawing, among other negative behaviors.









Installing iFEED

Installation is easy. This video walks you through the setup of an iFEED starter pack from start to finish. The starter pack can work with your existing feed bucket, or purchase an iFEED feed bucket for a complete, integrated set-up.

Additional Benefits

  • Automatic feed dispenser for use inside or outside the stall
  • Use for dispensing rolled, ground, whole grains and other concentrated feed 1/4″ thick and 3/4″ long
  • Dimensions: 21”x10”x7” (h,w,d)
  • Holds up to 12 pounds of feed
  • Patented no-clog activator; no other feeder on the market activates the feed in this manner
  • All iFEED dispensers can feed simultaneously and individually

  • Feed your horse from 1 to 720 portions in a 24 hour period
  • Set individual feed amounts for each horse
  • Completely control when, how often and how much your horse eats
  • The horse eats slowly and often, allowing the stomach and salivary glands to digest and absorb feed properly
  • Significantly reduce risk of colic and ulcers- Less stress and agitation during feeding times- Up to 30% savings in feed
  • More flexibility for the owner

Combines Perfectly With…

Enviro Equine EveryDayBalance

Our flax-based mineral supplement is perfect for use in the iFeed Slow Feeder. Your horse will get all the benefits and the powdered formula will not stick to or clog up the feeder system.

For optimum health, EveryDayBalance blends a unique combination of omega- fatty acids, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. Added Zinpro® Performance Minerals promote healthy skin, coat, joint and immune function while mycotoxin binders and live yeast help to maintain gastrointestinal health. All provided in a base of flax rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Enviro Equine’s EveryDayBalance combines the best of nature and science to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Availabe in 30LB, 15LB, and 2.5LB sizes.

Organic Trace Minerals
Conventional inorganic trace minerals have highly variable absorption and interact with antagonists. Zinpro® Performance Minerals provided by EveryDayBalance are complexed with amino acids to increase bioavailability thus promoting skin, coat, and joint health as well as normal immune response.

Pre and Probiotics
EveryDayBalance includes Alltech mycotoxin binders, prebiotics and live yeast. Mycotoxins produced by molds found in your horse’s feed and environment can cause digestive disruption. Binders remove these potentially harmful toxins from the digestive tract. The live yeast in EveryDayBalance has been shown to stabilize the digestive tract environment promoting feed utilization and mineral absorption.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Hay based diets may not provide adequate amounts of essential fatty acids. Each serving of EveryDayBalance provides omega-3 fatty acids from flax. Providing adequate omega-3s may help reduce inflammation associated with training and competition while at the same time promoting a beautiful coat.